If you're a true country music fan you know the most famous alter ego belonged to Garth Brooks.  We want to have a bit of fun and create our own alter egos.


Think Clark Kent and Superman or Peter Parker and Spiderman.  It's a secondary personality that is almost the opposite of your real one.

If I had to guess we've all thought at least once in our life about who else we might want to be.  I think the first time I ever truly thought about it was when I was introduced to Idgie Threadegood and Twanda in Fried Green Tomatoes.  I wanted an alter ego after that.



When I went to college my friends and I would often go out together.  Sometimes we would even head out of town and we decided on one trip that we would use alter egos the entire weekend.  After that it kind of stuck.  We used these when we didn't really want to tell someone our name or we wanted to have a bit more fun than normal.  My college alter ego was Destiny Merriweather.  Destiny was shy, not totally talkative but she loved to dance and laughed at everyone's jokes.  She was a fun girl.


This isn't an easy task.  If you want to really sell it you have to be prepared.  Here are some suggestions for creating the best country alter ego EVER;

  • Define your alter ego- why are you making one?
  • Decide what type of personality you'll portray.
  • Give your alter ego a specific appearance.
  • Make up a great back story that's believable.
  • Finally-Come up with a great name.

Chad and I decided we were going to craft our Country Alter Egos this morning and we came up with two of what we think are the best of the best.

We wanted something that was totally southern backwoods and owned our country roots.  Collectively we came up with these names;

  • Duke Rooster Quackenbush Jr. -his friends call him Cocky J.
  • Daisy Durlene Baker- Momma & Daddy call me Poochie and my friends call me DD.

Here's another way;

FIRST NAME-Pick the first name of your first pet.

MIDDLE NAME-The name of your favorite snack cake.

LAST NAME-Name of the first street you lived on.

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