The 12 and under HERicane Girls Fast Pitch Softball team is taking Owensboro by "STORM" with their Kindness Campaign.

Kim Hill
Kim Hill

The girls are trying to make a difference not only on the softball field but in the community as well!

Two weeks ago  the girls visited Crossroads, Friends of Sinners, OASIS, and St. Benedict’s Shelter where they delivered gallons of burgoo, as well as personal hygiene items that the girls had collected! The experienced was life changing for several girls, and it gave them a desire to want to serve the community on a bigger spectrum so they started the Kindness Campaign.

In light of all the recent school shootings in Marshall County and across the country it weighed heavy on their hearts to step up to the plate and knock bullying and unkind actions out of the park.

The campaign was started as an effort to reduce kids being bullied and to show others that’s its good to be nice! They are hoping this campaign becomes a pay-it-forward act! Each girl on the team was given 3 shirts to give out to someone they see being nice, standing up for those who are being mistreated, or just demonstrating good values/morals over all. With each shirt they give out, there are also 3 anti-bullying bracelets that they are asking the recipient to give to 3 other people who they see doing the same thing they were recognized for!

The team is also putting out a challenge to other teams/clubs to start a kindness campaign of their own!

Many of the girls on the team have had their own experience with being bullied or witnessing it and they want it to stop.  Here is what they had to say:

Emmi Conner “To me the kindness campaign means a lot because bullying isn't ok and it can even lead up to people taking their own lives”

Grace Brasher "Choosing kindness is the right thing to do in every situation."

Addison Hill says “this kindness campaign is important to me because I was bullied before, and people need to know bullying is not okay and it hurts people!”

Sophie Moorman "treat others as you want to be treated". The golden rule, and to "always be kind because you don't know what's going on in their lives."

Ella Logsdon says “handing a shirt out to someone teaches others to be kind and to keep the kindness going in our community.”

Macy Foreman says “most of the school shootings have been done by kids who have been isolated or even bullied, in this experiment we are not only trying to get people to be more kind but also to prevent things like isolation”

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