Angel here and about a month ago I was asked to virtually join two different classrooms for Read Across America.  No one could have truly predicted what happened even though I warned the teachers.

Mrs. Amy Jo Keller messaged me on Facebook and asked if I would mind reading to her students.  I was super excited to have the opportunity as this is one of my favorite weeks of the year.

At the time the kids were still virtual so I had to do a video and then send it to the class.  I did give a disclaimer that my family may pay a visit while I was doing the video.  Boy, did they show up.

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I had hoped they would behave and go about their own business while momma read a short book to these precious kiddos.  It didn't happen.  First, Charlotte popped her head in to ask what I was doing as if I didn't already threaten her life.  Then she began recruiting Tucker who is super shy but decided to come out of his shell for mommy's reading excursion.  As if these two were not enough they invited Lilly our rambunctious doodle to the party to smother me with kisses and a wack of the tail.

People always ask me if the stories I tell about my family are true.  This video is full proof you can't make this crap up.

I managed to keep it together and finish the book but it was a task in and of itself.  Thankfully Mrs. Keller and Mrs. Taylor both loved the video and their students got a good laugh.

As a parent I have just learned to roll with the punches.  What else can you really do?


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