I took my niece Brandi with me to PCB since Joe and the kids had COVID.  We love to shop so we decided we were hitting the Ross before we left Florida.  When Chad's big ears caught wind of the news he flew on over with those big things and asked if they could tag along.

We got to the store and all four of us went our separate ways.   Every once in a while one of us would yell across the store "do you like this or do you like that?"  Then as we all gathered back together I noticed Chad had decided to try on a cowlneck sweater somewhat of a light gray zebra.  He was transformed.  It was like he was floating through the aisle on air.  I started snapping photos of this vision in animal print and the whole store got involved.

Women might be catty from time to time but on the evening of Monday, October 25, 2021, women from all over united for a Fall Fashion Show in the center aisle of Ross Dress For Less PCB.  It was a beautiful thing as they cheered on each now outfit change.  I heard "you go girl" and "you look good".  We even saw some women pick up their own sizes in the outfits Chad was modeling.

It was like Rupaul's Drag Race and Project Runway had a big-headed, floppy-eared baby and named her Chadwina.  I'll go ahead and confess I may have peed on myself one or two times from laughing so hard.

Now many deserve credit for the making of this epic moment in fashion;

My niece Brandi for helping to accessorize each outfit, Kevin for keeping his snide, yet funny, and most of the time completely hateful comments to a minimum as gawkers looked on at what was unraveling (he was very encouraging and may have only snarked at Chad one or two times).  To Susan, Manager of the Ross, she was amazing.  She joined the crowd, clapped, and wished us well as we paid for our items.  She was a blast.  She could have easily alerted PCB Patrol and had us loaded in a patty wagon instead she thanked us for our business and a much-needed laugh for her and everyone else.

And now it is time for the big reveal.  I have created a gallery of photos from the Famed Fashion Shoot and I'm sharing them with you all.  ENJOY!  And head to the WBKR Facebook Page and tell us your favorite look.

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