HUGE honors for our friends over at Holiday World.  @LocalPOV just published its list of the 30 Best Theme Park Rides in America.  And, guess what?  Holiday World has two of the Top 30 rides.  In fact, one of the park's roller coasters is even inside the Top Ten!

On the @LocalPOV's list, which was published just hours ago, Thunderbird comes in at #26!  Of course, Thunderbird is the nation's first launched winged coaster and travels from zero to sixty and upside down in just 3.5 seconds.

And, Holiday World is snagging even bigger honors than the #26 spot.  Its wooden coaster Voyage was listed at #9 on @LocalPOV's list and here's why!

To see what landed in the top spot on the list of the Top 30 Theme Park Rides in America and see the rest of the list, CLICK HERE!


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