One week from today, Holiday World is making a big announcement.  This morning, our friend Eric Snow, who is Holiday World and Spashin' Safari's Vice President of Marketing and Sales, dropped by the WBKR studio with a box full of clues!  Here's what was inside-


As you can see, the claw-marked box contained three bags of Cheetos and two bottles of water.  Plus, there was a post card inside that said "See it for yourself 8/6/19."  The back of that card says "We're going WILD in 2020."

Plus, if you take a closer look at the bags of Cheetos, they have special stickers on them.


"Pardon our Cheetos dust??"  That surely indicates a construction project, right?  But construction of what exactly?

Oh, wait!  Another clue. Eric gave us each a pair of socks with cheetahs on them.  Hmmm . . . our minds are now working overtime.  And we're not alone.

For weeks, coaster and amusement park enthusiasts have been blowing up social media by sharing their theories and speculations about what the new attraction is going to be.  One thing's for sure- we now have a box full of clues to help us along!


Stay tuned to WBKR, and the WBKR app!  Angel and I will be at Holiday World for the big announcement at Noon CST, Tuesday, August 6th.  As soon as we know what the new attraction is going to be, you'll know too!

In the meantime, let us know YOUR theories!  What do YOU think Holiday World is building?