We recently discovered the famously iconic house from the movie Home Alone has a doppelganger right here in Owensboro and it's for sale-->

According to the listing agent here is the history on the home;

 This acclaimed Georgian Manor was built by renowned entrepreneur Roy Burlew in the late 1920s. Burlew later gained national recognition by purchasing the Kentucky Radio Corporation in 1918 and transformed it into two vast & lucrative industrial giants employing 1,000's of workers by the mid1940's. Burlew renamed the Kentucky Radio Corporation, which made light bulbs, to the Ken-Rad Corporation. Burlew sold it to the Westinghouse Electric Corporation in 1943. Later in 1945, he sold his tube manufacturing plant division to the General Electric Corporation. Both were unprecedented at the time.

1024 Griffith Avenue

The house is listed for $1.8 million dollars.  If you are interested you can contact Gary Maglinger with Remax for a tour.    If I had the money I would seriously consider buying it.  It reminds me of the McCalister house right down to the attic where Kevin is banished to for causing all kinds of family drama the night before they leave for Paris.  I can totally see him grabbing his face in agony in that white tiled bathroom after the shaving mishap.

If you've never taken a look inside the Home Alone house we have a tour of that too.  It was for sale in 2011.

Do you think they look alike?  Twins?  I can certainly see a major resemblance.  After all those crazy robbery scenes the house definitely could have used a back up location.

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