A couple of months ago, I told you about the Kentucky home bakers' fight to keep baking and selling goods out of their homes. A house bill supporting their rights has passed the House and it's ready for the Governor to sign off on. 

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House Bill 263 would give all home bakers, canners and other home-based processors, the ability to sell the same homemade products only farmers were previously allowed to sell.

Under the new bill, products that can now be sold include: processed whole fruits and vegetables, mixed greens, jams, jellies, sweet sorghum syrup, preserves, fruit butters, bread, fruit pies, cakes, or cookies. And, these products can be sold from the processor's home by pick-up or delivery, at markets, roadside stands, community events or online.

Two requirements under the original 2003 law have not changed: existing safety protections and only non-hazardous foods that are shelf-stable can be sold.

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