The holidays can be a sad time for some.  It can remind them of lost loved ones, being alone, or just old memories.  I have found a way to preserve and positively share the time with my lost loves ones, and keep their memories alive.

I don't have a large tree, it's not fancy, or professionally decorated, but it's the most beautiful tree in the whole wide world to me.

These ornaments were hand sewn by my momma for me when I was just a little girl.  I love placing them on the tree each year as a reminder of how much she loved me.

This ornament is the very first ornament I bought for my daughter, Kathern, after she passed away in 2004.  Now each year I buy her an ornament to place on the tree in her memory.  I do the same thing for my momma.

I have also kept many of the ornaments my boys made throughout the years in school and at church.  They all go on the tree and no matter how old they get they love to go back and see their ornaments on the tree.

It just makes me feel like everyone is right there with me during the holidays.  Those hard times are a little easier to bare.

What are some of your special holiday traditions?