I bet you the last time I went door to door for candy, on Halloween, it was in the 80's. By the time I reached I reached middle school, and even though my sister was six years younger than me, I gave up the ghost on trick or treating. 

There's a law in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Canada that bans anyone over the age of 16 from trick or treating. One thing that drives me crazy is when older kids who don't even dress up, sneak in with the younger set to collect candy. What's the point of trick or treating if you don't even dress up?!? Don't pull that "I'm trick or treating for so and so" line on me.

The law states:

"Those caught with a "facial disguise" in public after curfew — like a zombie mask or witch's veil — or anyone over 16 found roaming the streets for treats can be fined up to $200."

Whoa, $200 would buy a lot of candy. Then there's the argument older kids are just out trying to have fun and maybe they are staying out of trouble. What do you think?

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