This will be my final story about Halloween 2023. I shed a figurative tear as I tap the keys thinking about how perfect this year's version of Spooky Season has been. While the lack of rain might not have been what the doctor ordered for some, it made for beautiful weather during the very best month of the year.

A Most Unusual KY Halloween Treat

Perhaps that was what inspired our good friend Ryan Tindall to do what he did on Halloween night. First, Ryan and his family live in the Deer Valley subdivision in unincorporated Masonville KY, just south of Owensboro. And if you are unaware, they blow it out when it comes to celebrating Halloween; think neighborhood-wide parties, food trucks, and lots and lots of treats.

But here was Ryan's idea of a "treat" this October 31st:


You know, parents throughout Deer Valley who'd been craving a baked potato--those cravings are REAL, I might add--were probably thrilled to death. The kids? Well, there WAS candy for mitigation. I can hear it now at the Tindall abode, "Trick or tuber!"

But If You Think Potatoes as Halloween Treats Are Weird...

But the dispensing of everyone's favorite starchy vegetable isn't the MOST unusual thing I've seen regarding Halloween treats.

Now, the weirdest thing I ever got on Halloween is also one of the BEST treats anyone ever put into one of my Halloween bags. It was a miniature loaf of bread from the old Colonial Bakery. But that, too, isn't the strangest Halloween treat I've ever seen.

Michael Marotta must have been the talk of the Boston suburb of Maynard on Halloween night. When kiddos got to his door, they had a choice...candy or one of these:

So this would be me if I was trick-or-treating in that neighborhood: "Excuse me, I'm trying to get to the Marotta house, and, no, it's not for those weird orange-wrapped peanut butter kisses. He's handing out ROTISSERIE CHICKENS."

As it turns out, the Marottas had a LOT of chickens left over; only two of them were chosen. I guess we know what THEY'RE having for the next several days. Hey, maybe they can hook up with Ryan Tindall for the side dishes.

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