Angel here!  I have to be honest when I say I haven't taken the time to start a real scrapbook for Charlotte but I did for the boys.  Last year I found a way to do it on social media and it has made it much easier-->

I learned a few years ago that you can actually scrapbook all your kids photos right on Facebook if you are like me and actually upload lots of photos to social media it saves you time.

Here are the steps to take:

*To create a scrapbook you need to add your child as a family member on your profile.
*After adding your child as a family member on your profile:
*On your profile, click About below your cover photo.
*Click Family and Relationships.
*Click Add Scrapbook next to your child’s name.
*You can choose to add your partner to your child's scrapbook, then tap Create Scrapbook when you’re done.
*You can tag photos of your child to have them automatically added to your child's scrapbook.

I love this idea because I am forever going through pictures trying to find that one picture of this kid or that one.  Making their own scrapbooks makes it a little faster.  It is also more efficient when trying to print pictures off.

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