If you've ever been to the Kentucky Derby or Kentucky Oaks you know that it's pretty much just one big party during the day. But what do you do at night in Louisville? You can certainly hit the hot spots (they will be packed) or even hang out with friends. But if you want to party with celebrities, well, you'll just have to be invited...

My first year covering the Kentucky Derby, I was in the throes of applying for media credentials and game planning how we were going to cover it. We had everything from Hat DIY videos to What's the Infield Like? Spoiler alert: it's not as crazy as everyone thinks. Then, one of my co-workers asked me for a photo. I asked her what it was for and she just said, "Trust me." Don't you love it when people say that to you? I gave it to her and then she told me to get a really nice dress ready to go because we were going to be covering this F&S party.

For the past nine years, on Derby Eve the Mellwood Arts Center is transformed into a nightclub complete with a red carpet for the Fillies & Stallions party. So, who walks the red carpet? Well, everyone who is "invited" can but there are also some big celebrities that actually know what they are doing in front of the camera. You are thinking - what reality star celebrities are there? Oh, well here's some of the past attendees: Aaron Rogers, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Brady, and Shaquille O'Neal.

So now you're thinking, okay, I'm there. I've got $500 for a nosebleed ticket. (Yes, VIP areas are more.) Well, remember when I told you that I had to submit my photo to go? You can't just buy tickets - it's not a public party. According to their website, "The Fillies & Stallions Derby Eve party is a private event designed to entertain party-goers that include some of the most influential names in sports and show biz. The event is by invitation ONLY. Tickets are NOT available to the general public."

So, how is one "invited"? You've got to be on the list. Sorry, can't buy tickets at the door. And since it's Derby week, I'd say 'the list' is filling up fast but they did just let me know that there are a couple spots available. I won't be attending this year. I know, everyone is super sad! I went for a few years in a row and it's a really good time. You can dance, drink, and even get in a few fun photos with friends. As for the celebrities - I'm not too much of a celebrity-kinda gal but I did meet a couple and they were all very nice. But if you want to attend, you'll have to fill out the form right here. Good luck!

The hottest and most exclusive Derby-centric event of them all will return to Louisville, KY on May 3rd, 2019. Derby weekend's premier celebrity shindig, the Ninth Annual Fillies & Stallions Derby Party will feature a 60ft red carpet swarming with paparazzi, and as always, we'll have some exciting surprises in store. This private event is designed to entertain partygoers that include some of the most influential names known to show biz. Now entering it's 9th year, the party is no longer a secret and it's the event you've been saving that outfit for.

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