Louisville KY is nuts about Halloween. If you've been reading these spaces regularly, you know that Derby City knows how to do up Halloween the right way. The Commonwealth's largest city has more spooky season attractions than you can shake a stick at.

There are so many events leading up to Halloween that a website and multiple social media sites have been dedicated to a collection of all activities guests can enjoy in Louisville leading up to the scariest night of the year. And the site has been offering its own spooky brand of guidance for years.

In short, you could do much worse than spend a fun weekend in Louisville this time of year.

And while you're there, don't forget to check out a couple of great big bats.

It is no secret that the world's most famous baseball bat, the Louisville Slugger, is made right here in Kentucky. A couple of years ago, Los Angeles Dodger and Louisville native Will Smith took a tour of the factory:

And of course, while you're there, like everyone else, you'll likely take advantage of the photo op that IS the world's largest baseball bat. But what you may NOT know is that the world's largest VAMPIRE bat is also right there.

Did you know that the giant bat is a replica of one used by the legendary Babe Ruth back in the 1920s? How cool is that? From quirkytravelguy.com:

A famous story goes that Babe walked into this very factory in 1927 and requested that they make him some bats. That summer, Ruth swatted 60 home runs, breaking his own previous record of 59.

I have to admit that while I have been well aware of the big Louisville Slugger all my life--I've seen it many times--I was NOT aware of the OTHER gigantic bat.

Two blocks away from the big Slugger, attached to Caufield's Novelty Store is the world's largest vampire bat.

This bat is 24 feet tall and 16 feet wide. It has ominous red eyes, which seem to glow at night. The bat was created by Kerry Caufield, a member of the family business who first built a 3-foot model and then constructed the larger one based on it.

Now when you saw "world's largest vampire bat" in the title, did you KNOW what I meant or did you think it was an actual bat? Because that wouldn't be optimal in a city the size of Louisville...or any city for that matter.

But in case you were wondering, here is the world's largest ACTUAL bat. And I'm fine seeing him at this distance, although flying foxes, as they're known, don't typically mess with humans.


So don't forget to venture downtown when you visit Louisville for a creepy Halloween getaway this season. It'll drive you batty. (Couldn't resist.)

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