I will admit I am thankful on a daily basis for the blessing God bestows on me and my family.  During the holidays I always have a deeper appreciation.  Here's why~I have always been told "sometimes you have to go through hell to truly appreciate what heaven is like".  This statement is so very true.  Please don't take this blog as a pity party I have decided to roll out and throw for myself but it's me sharing how grateful I am for the place God has me now.

Growing up I don't remember much about "family" celebrations.  It was me and my mom and most holidays she worked to take care of me or we couldn't afford a meal so I always ended up at what I will call my adopted families houses.  See I had the very best friends anyone could ask for (The Atherton's, Tipton's, Evans, Alexander's, Garner's, and of course the Thompson's) always saved a place for me at their tables during the holidays.  It felt like home when I was with them and they treated me like I was just as much a part of their family as anyone else.

When I became an adult and got married the first time and had my boys I got to cook for the first time and I sure loved that.  Then not long after my momma passed away and I got a divorce all in a years time the holidays took on a whole new not so great meaning.  Knowing my boys would be gone, the house would be empty, and I wouldn't have a place at anyone's table made me dread instead of celebrate.

Today I am thankful to have a husband who feels like I have been married to him for 50 years (I mean that in a good way), a huge extended family that loves me as their own, and 4 children and a puppy to share my laughter, tears, and memories with.

I know there is someone out there right now reading this who has been exactly where I have or close in their own way who is struggling to find reason to smile or be thankful.  To you I say HOLD TIGHT and be thankful for what you do have no matter how small.  My favorite saying of all time is "Somewhere someone is on their knees praying for the things we complain about daily".

I never imagined God would bless me so abundantly but man I am sure thankful he did.  If not I would not have all of you!  So this Thanksgiving I am thankful for you if you're reading this.  Be Blessed my dear friends~

And to those friends who invited me in and loved me without knowing the impact it made...THANK YOU for always saving a place for me at your table~

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