On January 25th, 2009, a storm system developed to our southwest and the next day a potent wintry mix moved into southern Indiana and western Kentucky.

That's right.

It was eight years ago this weekend that we fell firmly into the grip of the 2009 Ice Storm.

Yes, I'll break the rules of capitalization, because THAT event is, for me personally, the worst weather event I can remember.

And I'll level with you. I wasn't without power for nearly as long as so many others.

But that's just it.

There were so many people who were helpless for so long. Plus, in Kentucky, there was a number of deaths associated with the storm.


Take a look at this map from the National Weather Service and you'll see that we actually got MORE ice than those in the Midwest a couple of weeks ago during THAT deadly ice storm.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Some schools were out for a week or more.

Some were without power for as much as three weeks and in the WINTER.

Whenever I talk to Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist Wayne Hart this time of year and he mentions ANY type of frozen precipitation, he always answers my question before I ask.

I'm not sure how many times he's said, "But we're not talking about anything like the 2009 Ice Storm."

He knows and WE know and will never forget the devastation of that horrible storm.

Steve Crumbaker compiled a series of photos from the ice storm's effect on Owensboro and made it into a video.

Check it out:


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