Angel Here!  When I read the news of the Igloo Cooler recall I was absolutely terrified.  I cannot imagine being the parent that had to rescue my child from inside.  Here is what we know.

As a family vacationed in Florida last weekend they had no idea the turn of events that would take place when their 5 year-old son climbed inside to play and the lid closed down and locked.  This was all caught on survaillance cameras.

Thankfully, Nicholas Wanes, is safe but his family is very shaken by the whole thing.

Igloo issued a statement in response to the family and here is what they had to say;

 “It has been brought to our attention that a child recently, inadvertently trapped himself inside one of our products. We are very sorry for the scare this incident must have caused the child and his family, and very happy no one was injured. We have contacted the family to express our apologies,”

According to;

Affected units include:

Igloo Marine Elite 72 quart; Item #00049375
Igloo Marine Elite 54 quart; Item #00049374
Igloo Marine Elite 94 quart; Item #00049574
Igloo Marine Elite 110 quart; Item #00034108

The coolers were sold out of West Marine boating supply and fishing retail stores.

Customers can also replace the latches on their coolers with a free latch-replacement kit. Igloo is working to send out kits, but if you haven’t received one, you can call the company toll free at 1(888)-257-0934.

The old stainless-steel latches should be thrown away after you have received a new one.

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