Nature is super freaking cool, and this guy was spotted right in our own Indiana backyard!

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Coyotes in the Hoosier State

Coyotes are no strangers to Indiana and have been inhabiting this region of the United States for many years. According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources the first records of coyotes in Indiana date back to 1816, but they likely inhabited Indiana way before then.



Coyote Viewing and Pet Safety

Coyotes aren't big animals as they're typically the size of a medium to a large-sized dog weighing anywhere from 20-50lbs.  However, if you're worried about your pets or animals being outside with coyotes around Indiana's Department of Natural Resources recommends feeding your pets inside and making sure outdoor pets have secure housing at night.

Cheeseman Photography
Cheeseman Photography

While seeing a coyote is pretty cool, you often won't catch them during the day, as they're more active at night. However, if you want to catch a glimpse of a coyote (from a safe distance) here is what the Indiana Department of Natural Resources recommends:

Coyotes are elusive and difficult to view, but occasionally they are spotted foraging for mice in fields. Scanning fallow or recently harvested fields from Indiana’s interstate roads can be a surprisingly successful way to occasionally spot a coyote, as can slow drives on country roads in late fall and winter. Just as objects in mirrors are closer than they appear, remember that a fluffy coyote may appear larger than its true size, especially if it's standing in an empty field. Remember that Indiana doesn't have resident wolf populations, so it is highly unlikely you will see one.

However, one Hoosier recently got incredibly lucky with his coyote view!


Indiana Photographer Captures Incredible Coyote Photos

Toby Cheeseman of Cheeseman Photography recently shared some coyote photos on the Indiana Nature Lovers Facebook page.  The photos are stunning, and definitely ones that seem like a rare catch since coyotes are quite elusive creatures.  Toby's post said that this coyote showed up in his backyard in Ellettsville, Indiana. In the photos, you can tell the coyote caught himself a snack!


I mean look at that incredibly fluffy tail!  If you're a fan of nature photos, be sure to follow Toby's photography page on Facebook. A huge thank you to Toby for allowing me to share these brilliant photos!


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