Imagine working from home and being in the middle of a Zoom meeting and your child decides to make an appearance...NAKED.  An Indiana kid did this to his mother and we are cracking up!  WATCH-->

Lacy Jones is the Executive Director with United Way of Perry County.  Just like many of us, their meetings have gone to Zoom for the safety of everyone.  Unfortunately, the group was not safe this week when Lacy's son, Greyson showed up to his mom's monthly meeting in his birthday suit.

The responses from the other staff in the meeting were comical.

While we know this video is absolutely hilarious the work that our friends at United Way do is serious and amazing.

The United Way of Perry County's Mission is to improve the quality of life for the people they serve by providing leadership and mobilizing resources to create lasting change. 

United Way is always working to help others and would love your help for the holidays.  If you are able to donate or would like to contribute here's how;

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