I've always heard that if we all got wiped off the face of this planet, the cockroaches would still be here.

I've learned that that argument could have legs.

All six of them.

Imagine how much fun it was to find out that insecticides are growing less and less effective against the nasty little creatures.

The learned researchers at Purdue University call it a "cross-resistance" that cockroaches have begun to develop against even the best poisons exterminators have to offer.

They used three different insecticides interchangeably, one by itself, two combined.

They tried multiple combinations and their findings just don't put my heart at ease.

Not only do I have Raid at home, I have one of those big Raid bottles with the trigger that makes you feel like you're playing a video game.

Listen, I prefer a world where we don't have that difficult a time killing cockroaches.

Oh well, everybody, put your best foot forward and make sure there's a shoe on it.

Looks like we're down to squooshing.

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