I'd like to answer that headline with, "I hope not." But I have no control over such matters. All I know is what I've heard and that's that the malodorous little pests are moving south and west from Pennsylvania. What, are they taking the bus?

So if "south" and "west" are the points of trajectory for these guys, then Kentucky figures to be in their path, right?

Lex18 is saying that stink bugs have been infiltrating for the last 10 years and are generally seeking out warm digs for the winter right about now.

They like to cluster on walls and inside of windows so winterizing your home is a very good idea.

And you may be already planning to do that, anyway. So when you do, seal those cracks.

That way you can remove "What is that SMELL?" from any and all conversations going forward.

Stink bugs...they have it all figured out. They don't cause any trouble UNTIL they're dead.


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