Contrary to popular believe we are pretty quiet neighbors even with 75 kids running around.  Unfortunately, this weekend my usually quiet street was all a buzz into the wee hours and this momma wasn't having it!Let me start by saying we have the very best neighbors anyone could ask for!  We live on a dead end and everyone has lived on the street for years.  Our next door neighbors go to Florida for the winter every year.  This year they have a family member house sitting (she is super sweet) and one of her friends has a really loud exhaust.  I am a pretty patient person and tolerated it for one whole night without saying a word (mainly from complete and udder exhaustion).  Last night 11:30 rolls around and it sounds like a biker rally right outside my bedroom window (insert I'M GONNA LOOOOOOOOOOSE IT REMARK).  I waited for a good half hour and then got up to see the car was just sitting in the driveway.  I got dressed and walked outside only to find this kid sitting inside playing on his phone.  First, I composed myself and then I motioned for him to roll his window down.  I say nicely, do you realize what time it is?  I have to be up at 4 a.m. and a lot of other people around here have jobs could you please turn your car off to which he says "Oh yeah I was gonna go inside in a few."  I'm not sure if he was trying to run his gas out or what but really?!  I turned around to go back over the wall and home to see my other neighbors were coming across my yard I assume to do the very same thing I did but I beat them to the punch.

With total silence I began to think "is there an ordinance for this sort of thing?"  Here is what I found:

City of Owensboro Code of Ordinance Section 17-8 says the following
Sec. 17-8. - Noise control.

Unlawful noises prohibited; exceptions; special variances; penalties:

Unlawful noises prohibited; It shall be unlawful for any person to make, cause to be made, continue or permit any excessive or unreasonably loud noise or any other raucous sound, considering the time, date, place and nature of such noise or sound, that annoys, disturbs, injures, or endangers, the comfort, health, peace, safety, or repose of other persons of ordinary sensibilities, in any residential zone within the city.

Unlawful noises emanating from motor vehicles on public right-of-way: No person operating or occupying a motor vehicle on any publicly owned property, park, right-of-way, easement, alley, off-street parking lot, or any other area to which the public has access, shall play, use, operate, or permit to be played, used, or operated, any radio, tape player, cassette player, compact disk player, loud speaker, sound amplification system, or other device designed to generate, amplify, and/or reproduce sound, from within the motor vehicle in such manner that the sound is plainly audible by another human being at a distance of fifty (50) feet from the device producing the sound. For the purpose of this prohibition, "plainly audible" means any sound which clearly can be heard, by unimpaired auditory senses based on a direct line of sight of fifty (50) or more feet; however, words or phrases need not be discernible and said sound shall include bass reverberation.

Basically, if it is a nuisance to others considering time and excess then it's breaking the law.  Thankfully, this kid was nice and I truly don't think he even realized he was bothering anyone.  But I say all this to remind others be mindful of your neighbors, their schedules because you don't know what they have going on and you never know if you have Crabby Patty living next door :)

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