It's National Puppy Day and we are inviting you to celebrate your special four-legged BFF in photos.

Angel here and I think I came out of the womb loving dogs.  I still remember my very first dog ever.  His name was, Spike, he was a brown and white chihuahua.  I called him Pickalodeon.  Momma says it was because I couldn't say, Spike.  He was actually my mom and dad's dog before they had me and they worried he wouldn't like me when they brought me home.  My mom's friends told her to get rid of him but she refused.  She said I am going to give him a chance to love Angel.  So when she came home from the hospital she laid me on the bed next to Spike and he sniffed me and jumped down and ran out of the room.  She thought "Oh no this isn't good."  A few minutes later he returned with his favorite stuffed animal, laid it on my tummy and he laid down right next to me.  For the next three years, we were inseparable until the horrible day at my Grandparent's house when we were going across the road to get the mail and Spike ran in front of a car.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  I was heartbroken but I never forgot my loyal friend.

I remember my Annie, a black lab rescue.  She was the best.  And Tickles my Pekinese.  There was Peaches my Golden Retriever.  He was the most amazingly protective dog ever and he loved going to soccer practice with me.

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My Powder girl.  I had her the longest of any animal in my life.  She found me when I was 17 and left me when I was 34.  She was a mix between a lab and a german shepherd, all white.  She looked like the Coca-Cola bear.  She was my very best friend and so smart.  She grew up with my older boys and protected them as if they were her own.

Now I have Layla and Lilly, our doodles.  They are loyal and dependable, and always up for an adventure.  I am not sure how any goes through life without a dog.  All of mine have seen me through the good and not-so-good times of my life.  I truly believe they understand when we talk to them.   I am thankful God made dogs.  I have heard it said, "Dogs are God's way of showing us the true meaning of unconditional love."  I couldn't agree more.  They love you after you leave them all day, or have had a rough day and don't feel like playing.  They are happy to just lay at your feet or hop up in your lap and sit awhile.

Thank you for sharing your babies with us.

Celebrating National Pup Day

It's National Pup Day and we invited folks to share precious pics of their pups with the Tri-State.


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