Today is National Smile Power Day.  A smile literally has the power to change the course of someone's day.  Our world needs all the smiles it can get right now.  Get out and share your smile today.

Besides making another person's day smiling has tons of benefits.  Did you know it can actually boost immunity by boosting immune cells and increasing the antibodies in your body?  A smile can even lower blood pressure.  Smiling leads to laugher which makes you breathe deeper giving you more oxygen and also increases the heart that is followed by relaxed muscles and a lowered heart rate.  Smiling can help with relieving pain in your body.  Smiling has been proven to release endorphins which brings on all the good feelings.

Did you know that babies are actually born with the ability to smile?  They have to learn tons of other things but not to smile.

I remember growing up my momma would always tell me no matter what outfit I picked out for the day to always put on a smile.  She said it completed and added to anything I was wearing.

Have you ever tried the smile challenge?  Go out today and smile at five random people.  You may not know the result of what that smile brings but I can almost guarantee it will start a snowball of smiles to others.

There are times when I am having the worst day and someone smiles at me or makes me laugh and it can reset my whole mood.  Doing the show with Chad each morning helps to make my days better.  When you all tell us we make you laugh and smile it is the best compliment in the world.  It is one of our greatest pleasures making others happy.

Try it for yourself.  Do it today or wait until you are having a rough day and try smiling at others and see how it changes your own mood.


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