Cue the Oscar-winning John Williams Jaws score! Here comes the OddsShark. And it's ready to take a bite out of Kentucky.

With the news that PJ Washington probably won't play when 2-seed Kentucky takes on 7-seed Wofford in the second round of the NCAA Tournament Saturday in Jacksonsville, speculation has amped up considerably about the possibility of an upset.

As I write this, UK is a five-point favorite over the Terriers, down from six yesterday.

I watched Wofford blitz Seton Hall in the last five to seven minutes of their game Thursday night.

The tiny university from South Carolina is a force to be reckoned with on the hardwood.

And OddsShark seems to REALLY agree.

You'll notice that the site openly defies the Vegas odds and predicts a six-point victory for the Terriers, 75-69.

I'd be interested to see a simulation that predicted an outcome with PJ Washington IN the line-up for UK.

March Madness is getting madder by the second, isn't it?



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