Jake Owen shocked fans when he chopped off his signature long hair late last year, trading it in for something short and simple. The "What We Ain't Got" singer's luscious mane has been one of his defining characteristics since 2006, and he must have missed it, as it wasn't long before he began to grow it out again.

But he put a halt to that on Friday (March 6).

In a post on Facebook, Owen reveals he got tired of people "hating on" him for the in-between look, so he cleaned up his 'do yet again.

"My wife, she wanted a different man," Owen says jokingly of why he cut it in the first place. It was his wife and mother's influence. "No, she really didn't ... my mom's always like, 'You need to cut your hair' and so it wasn't like I was going to trim it," he continues. "I just was gonna drastically do it so I did it. I still sound the same and I still have the same heart," he adds with a grin.

Owen kept his signature long hairstyle for over a decade, so he's still getting used to the new look. And he adds that everyone else is still adjusting to the transition as well. In addition to revamping his style, the country star is staying busy with his music. The 33-year-old singer is looking forward to the upcoming dates for The Big Revival tour with Kenny Chesney. To learn more about his music and see a list of upcoming tour dates, visit his official website.

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