Who didn't see this coming? Taste of Country's Amy Sciarretto has more.

Brittany Kerr, the former 'American Idol' contestant who got an extension of her 15 minutes of fame due to a public indiscretion with country superstar Jason Aldean that was caught on tape, has been offered the opportunity to star in a reality show.

Wag TV, which produces reality shows such as 'How Do they Do It' and 'Ancient X Files,' has presented the blonde singer with the potential for her own starring vehicle. The show would focus on her continued efforts to launch her music career, according to TMZ. The company supposedly sent her an offer letter, bragging about their relationships with respected networks like TLC and A&E in order to arouse her interest.

But Kerr, an NBA dancer who didn't make it very far on Season 11 of 'Idol, 'will likely nix the offer, according to sources.

The hoopla and hype surrounding her fling with Aldean hasn't died down in the weeks following the scandal. Aldean insists that his family is fine in the aftermath of this situation, while Kerr was profusely apologetic about the mistake in judgment.

After the pictures first leaked to the internet, Aldean did man up and acknowledge and apologize for his drunken mishap, rather than run and hide from it, and it looks like Kerr doesn't want to exploit or profit from it, either.


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