YEP, you read that right!  There is actually a doll on the market that pees glitter and poops charms.  Can you imagine giving this to your child as a present?  Angel here and I did!

Charlotte turned five this week and one thing she absolutely loves to do is feed her babies.  None of them are really equipped to eat or even drink really food or liquid.

She has literally soaked our floor with water and concoctions she cooks up to feed her dolls.  This week that changed when I strolled into the Walmart and bought her a Baby Born Magic Potty Surprise.

Sparkly Charming (what Charlotte named her) pees glitter and poops charms.   Charmie (her knick name) comes with multiple poop pods and food glitter packs.


I'm not sure whether to be proud of myself as a parent or to question my own judgment.  Either way our little princess is pumped about all the pee and poop and seeing her smile is rewarding enough.

Chad and I decided to test Charmie out for Wacky Wednesday and here's how it went;

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