Based on any number of blogs I've read, many media/entertainment/pop culture analysts seem to line up the beginning of reality television, as we know it today, with the premiere of Survivor in 2000.

Well, MTV has a good argument if there were to wage a debate.

Real World premiered on MTV back in 1992 and it featured a very familiar face--to this tri-state locale--in Owensboro's own Jon Brennan.

So you might say that MTV is "returning" to the Bluegrass State with its documentary series called "Made in Kentucky."

Debuting this summer, MTV's latest reality offering will focus on a group of friends in tiny Elkhorn City, Kentucky in Pike County, not too far from the Virginia and West Virginia borders.

While Elkhorn City's mayor is a bit nervous about how his community will be portrayed--the Louisville Courier-Journal reports that he's conveyed his concerns to the Appalachian News-Express--MTV assures that his fears are needless and that real lives will be portrayed.

MTV shopped several Kentucky colleges for cast members for "Made in Kentucky" which will premiere in July and air on Thursday nights.

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