There's a lot of money just sitting there in the Kentucky State Treasury. And some of it--or maybe a LOT of it--could be yours.

The Unclaimed Property Division of the Kentucky State Treasury could literally be your TREASURE trove.

A January report from Insider Louisville says that a record amount of unclaimed property was returned to the Treasury in 2018.

The figure in January was just north of $70 million.

There is any number of ways this money has come back to the state treasury. But the fact remains, it's money and your name could be on it.

I've claimed money that belonged to me and you can, too.

If I were you, I wouldn't hesitate to head to Treasury.Ky.Gov/Unclaimed Property.

Follow all the easy steps and see what happens.

When I claimed mine a few years back, I saw the list and some people had THOUSANDS of dollars just waiting to be claimed.

Good luck!

Maybe Christmas comes early this year!


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