In the beloved story of the birth of Jesus Christ, the three wise men visit the manger bearing a collection of gifts- gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Now, gold is self-explanatory.  But what in the heck is frankincense?  Frankincense is basically incense. At the time, it was a pretty standard gift that one would give a king. And myrrh? It's oil. If there had been an Amazon wish list for royalty, myrrh would have been on it too- right there with the frankincense.

Well, on Christmas Day, a manger scene here in Kentucky seems to have replaced its myrrh with purr!

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Robin Hoffman, who lives in Owensboro, spent part of her Christmas Day visiting a friend on the west side of town. She was getting out of her car to go inside and noticed something unusual at her friend's neighbor's house. Mary and Joseph had a rather unexpected visitor crash the birthday party in the manger scene. Situated at the head of the Baby Jesus was a neighborhood cat, who had a rather strange look on its face. It almost seemed to ask, "What Child Is This?" Take a look!

Robin Hoffman
Robin Hoffman

Robin doesn't know much about the cat's story, but it certainly seemed to make itself right at home in the display. Christmas Day 2023 in western Kentucky was a wet one. It was cloudy and it rained a lot. It looks like the cat found some shelter in a miniature Bethlehem- right there in the manger with the man of the hour.

Dare I say, the photo is purrfect?!

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