Many years ago, after I'd gotten my first cellphone, I butt-dialed Chad while at a convenience store. He overheard what I was hearing--a confusing conversation between a clerk and customer about lottery tickets.

We didn't call it butt-dialing then, but it was clear that you could ABSOLUTELY call someone by accident with these new gadgets called mobile phones.

And it happens to this day.

Some things never change DESPITE all the technology.

And it is ABSOLUTELY clear that the person you might accidentally call will hear something you do not want them to hear.

Case in point:

Robert Bourne and David Grigsby planned to rob Brothers BBQ in Danville, Kentucky recently.

I've been there. The food is sensational!

But that's beside the point. (Although, if you're in Danville, try it.)

These guys butt-dialed 911 and the operator heard everything. Everything.

But, gang, this gets better.

Police chief Tony Gray was INSIDE Brothers BBQ having dinner at the time.

Since the suspects had just been in the restaurant, they were quickly apprehended and charged with public intoxication.

And one of them was charged with disorderly conduct and having an open container in a vehicle.

It would be nice if it was ALWAYS this easy.