I say the more ways we can renew our driver's licenses the better.


Last year, I would have LOVED the "Jetsons" option...you know, where you punch a button, enter all the pertinent info, and out pops your driver's license? In November of 2020, the day before I moved, I had a bad gout flare-up AND I lost my license. Since it was possible I would need a photo ID at urgent care, I flew downtown (not an option anymore--more on that later), forked over the fee, and got the license.

I'm not fond of days like that. And, yes, the "presto-change-o" method of a license popping out of a dispenser is probably way off in the future. But MAIL-IN renewal in Kentucky isn't. It is here.

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Governor Andy Beshear announced that the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is launching the mail-in license renewal beginning October 1st, at which time details about HOW to use the mail-in program will be posted. Now there WAS a mail-in option offered in 2020 because of the pandemic, but that was sort of thrown together out of necessity. Beshear indicates this program will be more permanent and effective.

Online renewal began in the summer and the new mail-in availability is another step to ensure re-upping your driver's license is smooth and easy.


Of course, you can still renew your driver's license in person. You just can't go to the circuit clerk's office in downtown Owensboro to do that anymore. The new regional licensing office on Highway 81--which will also serve Hancock and Ohio Counties--is the new location for license renewal.

And as of October 1st, the United States Post Office will be, too.

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