The Kentucky Real ID transition has been delayed for a third time. The original rollout was scheduled for January, then it was pushed back again to March and April. What's next? 

According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials, the new licenses are still being tested. Residents will be able to use the new licenses to fly domestically and access restricted federal facilities such as military bases and power plants. The KYTC says the new licenses will "become available statewide by the end of the summer".

The original plan was for all 120 counties to have the licenses available by May.

Woodford and Franklin counties will be the first to get the new licenses with the remaining counties getting access to the new ID two to three weeks after that.

Most counties in the listening area were supposed to be able to start getting the new licenses this month. Those rollout schedules will have to be revised due to the latest delay.

Kentucky has until August 1st to comply with the Federal Real ID Act.

Current Kentucky licenses are good until they expire. However, if your license does not expire before October 2020, you will need to pay a $15 fee to upgrade to the new license.

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