Santa is a very busy man and he often has to send out helpers all over to be his eyes and ears to see which kiddos are being naughty and which ones are being nice.

Here's the true story of the Elf on the Shelf as told by;

The story goes that Santa’s Scout Elves fly to the North Pole each night of December to report to Santa if their children have been behaving (or misbehaving). The elves then fly back and hide in a new spot for the children to find him the next morning. Typically, Scout Elves love to hide in sneaky spots around the house and sometimes they like to stir up mischief throughout the house the night before.

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While the elves are sent to watch over the kids they often find themselves in a whole lot of mischief.  Many parents capture the antics and we all get to enjoy the show.  I mean can you imagine waking up each day not having a clue what your elf has done?  I mean you can't actually see them move because they do all their work at night when the family is asleep and on the magic in the morning when the kids wake up.  These elves are an absolute mess!  But sometimes the elves don't realize the homes they're sent to have cameras.

Check out these fun photos captured by local parents.

Kentucky Parents Share 26 Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Photos

Lots of children receive a visit from a very special Elf each year.  Sometimes they get themselves into hilarious antics and local parents are sharing what they've caught on camera!


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