Kentucky photographer Ben Childers just shared an absolutely breathtaking video that captures "15 Places to See in Kentucky".  Take a look and see how many places you've visited and which locales you still need to cross off your bucket list.

First let me say that Ben's video is glorious.  I have lived in Kentucky much of my life and I didn't realize just how beautiful it is.  And, I am embarrassed to admit that I haven't been to the majority of places featured in Ben's film.

Now, I have been to Cumberland Falls and, when you see it in person, it's clear why Ben kicked off his video with it.  It's breathtaking and there are tons of cool things to do in that area, including taking a white water rafting excursion that starts at the base of the falls.  Pro tip- if you're an adventurer like I am, wait until after it has rained to go. The currents are stronger and it is a blast.

Since we're on the subject of waterfalls, I had no idea we had that many of them in Kentucky.  But I am even more intrigued by the Natural Bridge and the Natural Arch that Ben captured with his drone. Those destinations look awesome.

To check out more really cool videos from Ben Childers' Facebook page, CLICK HERE!  By the way, he has videos of destinations beyond the Commonwealth.  So, get ready for some impressive summer road trips.

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