Asian carp are a big problem in Kentucky. I've been reading and hearing about the invasive species but didn't know why they are such a headache.

So, I did some digging and learned that Asian carp are more of a MIGRAINE.

These fish, which are NOT native to Kentucky, are here and there are a lot of them.

The reason they are such a big issue is because of their aggression.

Asian carp, according to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, "out-compete native species for resources."

And with the ability of some females of the species to produce more than 1 million eggs annually, we're talking a borderline catastrophic situation.

Here's an explanation of the effect of Asian carp on bass and crappie from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife biologist, Adam Martin:

Fish and Wildlife also warns of the silver carp. This species jumps when it's startled which could clearly cause a major dilemma for boaters.

Plus, the National Park Service tells us that Asian carp can possibly lower the water quality where they invade. That would be extremely detrimental to native species.

Because of the Asian carp overrun, Fish and Wildlife has been using what are called "shocking" boats.

These vessels stun the carp, forcing to them to the surface where they can be easily collected and measured.

Of course, this will only help the department determine the NUMBER of Asian carp they're dealing with.

I'd imagine wiping them out is WHOLE other problem...but one that obviously needs to be tackled.


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