There couldn't be a more timely topic considering the past few days. Driving in the rain flat out stinks, but as it turns out, Kentuckians aren't the best but not the worst. 

According to a recent study from SafeWise, Kentucky ranks as the third worst at driving in the rain. The 2016 data showed we had 67 crashes and 71 fatalities.

Per 100,000 crashes, the chances of a crash in Kentucky are/were 1.51. Arkansas ranked as the worst for driving in the rain.

Some other interesting facts from the study, crashes are five times more likely to occur in the rain than in the snow, October is worst month for both rain and snow related crashes, and Hawaii gets the most rain but they ranked 9th in rain-related accidents.

In other words, be very, very careful no matter what may be falling from the sky.

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