Whether it's in a lake or a public pool, there are few things I enjoy more than being neck-deep in the water. Yes, I love to swim--it's one of the best exercises--and I get that taken care of. But I don't mind just being wet, you know?

I'm easy to please in that regard, but I also don't mind kicking it up a notch and heading to a water park. Splashin' Safari is my favorite half of Holiday World, and it has become one of the nation's top summertime destinations over the last three decades. Of course, it's in southern Indiana; what about Kentucky?

The Bluegrass State is no slouch in that department as you will see below. These water parks are spread out all over the Commonwealth, but that just means you have even MORE ideas for fun weekend getaways. Let's get to it.


Take a road trip to Somerset. See where a bunch of Lifetime movies are being, have been, or will be filmed, and then relax at SomerSplash. But then at some point, you'll have to get in the water, and, you know, SPLASH.

And here's a more recent look:

Venture River Water Park

I was so impressed with Venture River when I visited a few years ago. While it's a relatively compact water park, there's no shortage of things to do. It's an incredible place to spend an entire day just getting wet. BONUS: you're not that far from Land Between the Lakes, so you could make an entire vacation out of it.

And Venture River added two NEW waterslides just last season:

Fort Knox Water Park

I'll be honest...I did not know there was a water park in Fort Knox. But, you know, there's SO much to do there, you could really make a nice weekend out of it. And the proximity to Louisville doesn't hurt.

Paradise Cove Aquatic Center

There's an affordable, exciting day waiting for you in Richmond KY. Paradise Cove is a water park built around one pool, but you'll find yourself not wanting to leave. Honestly, I'm lucky my skin hasn't just shriveled up. When I'm in the water, I STAY in the water...for a very long time. The opportunities in Richmond are calling my name.

Beech Bend Splash Lagoon

We spent so much time at Beech Bend when I was a kid, and that was long BEFORE Splash Lagoon came into existence. Who KNOWS how hard it would've been for Mom and Dad to get us to the car at the end of the day if it had been around back then?

Kentucky Splash Waterpark

Much like it is with Venture River and LBL, Kentucky Splash Waterpark is close enough to Cumberland Falls State Park and any number of fun diversions in southeastern Kentucky that you could make a great vacation out of your visit.

Familyvacationsus.com knows its water parks; they've recommended every single one of these. I'm already pumped and planning road trips as I write.

I'll see you in the water...and, yes, I'll be neck-deep in it.

White Water Rafting at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky

This summer, we decided to go on our first real family adventure - white water rafting. There is a white water rafting tour about four hours from the tri-state at Cumberland Falls. Run by Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort, the tour lasts about six hours. It includes an up-close meet and greet with the falls, plenty of swimming, rock jumping, a riverboat ride, and lunch! Check out photos from our adventure.

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