Calling everyone named Kyle in Kentucky and Indiana! You are being asked to head to Texas next month. Yes!  A Texas city is literally trying to round up as many Kyles as possible because officials there are trying to set a new world record.

Now, I realize this may sound a little strange. But, there is definitely a method behind the madness. There really is going to be a Gathering of the Kyles!

Kyle, Texas is attempting to set the Guinness World Record for the largest same-name gathering and they're summoning Kyles to town for the main event on Sunday, May 21st at 4pm. That's when they'll try to assemble enough people named Kyle to eclipse all the people named Ivan.

Again. Wait!  What?


Yes! The current record is held by a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Back in 2017, Kupreški Kosci rounded up 2,325 people named Ivan and established the record. Now, Kyle, Texas is taking aim at the standing record by calling all Kyles to help take it down.

You're probably thinking this sounds completely bizarre. But, it did catch the eye of my friend Kyle Foster, who lives in Florida. In fact, Kyle commented, "I need to go to this!"

It's certainly not new for random towns in random cities to attempt Guinness World Records for really random things. Case in point!

But the City of Kyle is at least keeping within the theme of the name of the town.

Every Kyle participating will receive a FREE t-shirt.

Of course, as you can imagine, the folks at Guinness take their records seriously and Kyle is obliging. Here are the rules for participating:

1) All names not spelled 'Kyle' do not count (i.e. Kylee, Kyler, Kiel).
2) Middle names will not be accepted.
3) Last names will not be accepted.
4) Individuals of all ages may participate.
5) Verification will be done through proof of ID, student ID's will be accepted.
6) Participants must also provide an address and a contactable email address or phone number
7) If an ID is unavailable (i.e. a minor/infant) parents or guardians may vouch for the participant.
8) Parents or guardians would need to provide their ID as verification. As well as an address and contactable email address or phone number
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