Over the last seven years, I have presented you with a long list of places to visit (mostly restaurants) that are a part of our Tri-State Bucket List.

In that time period, how many items do you believe I have crossed off my OWN bucket list? If you said ONE, you're aiming too high.


Yep, that's right. Yours truly needs to get busy. While hitting my goal of visiting all fifty states or driving down U.S. Highway 1 from the Florida mainland to Key West will understandably have to wait, I don't see any reason I couldn't jump aboard a train and take a ride through the beautiful mountains of eastern Kentucky.

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No, I wouldn't just jump on a passing train and cross my fingers. I'd board the Big South Fork Railway in Stearns, grab a window seat, and just relax. I've always wanted to do it and I figure I have about a month to make up my mind to do it.


The Big South Fork Railway ALWAYS has something going on. Whether it's been a Moonshine Ride or a "Merry Little Christmas" Ride, Big South Fork Railway stays busy.

But maybe THIS is the big event. Rich autumn foliage is best viewed when the terrain ISN'T flat, and "flat" is in short supply in the Appalachian Mountains.


Based on its calendar, the Big South Fork Railway operates mainly Wednesday through Sunday, with Tuesdays added in mid-October.

Frankly, I love trains and don't need to wait until the leaves turn gold, red, and orange to hop aboard one and take a ride. But, let's face it, fall is perfect for this kind of activity.

And if you were looking for a way to celebrate the best time of the year (in my opinion), this will hopefully help.

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