TLC's Slaton Sisters from Webster County, Kentucky came to Owensboro and we've got "TEA" on why they were here.

Valarie Roberts, Kentucky's Etiquette Lady, from Owensboro is well-known for her manners and being able to command a room with her amazing etiquette skills.  This summer she was contacted by TLC and asked to be a part of the show with the 1000 lb sisters.

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Valarie and her daughter are huge fans of the show so this was super exciting for them.  Ruth (my daughter) and I have watched the show since the first season, regularly using funny phrases together from the show like, “I pay my bills, my bills are paid!” And “you don’t know how it is Amy”. 😂

Here's what she had to say about the experience:

I almost didn’t answer the phone, thinking it was a telemarketer when I saw an incoming call from Los Angeles but I’m glad I did. Originally the producer asked me to travel to Dixon, KY (where the Slaton sisters live to film the afternoon tea etiquette lesson but I was able to convince him to get the sisters out of their element and for them to come to me to film at one of the most beautiful front porches in Kentucky, the Miller House.
I asked some of my friends to be extras in the background for the episode. Their names are Cathie and Jeb Medley, Laura Clark, and Hallie and Parker Medley. We have all had to keep the filming top secret.

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