I am so jealous. WBKR's new Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex got to sit down and interview Kimberly Perry and her brothers. I am here to tell you she has it all goin' on. Great songwriter, singer, enthusiastic performer, sweet as can be ... but she does tell Sam there are certain things she can't do. Like plan her wedding!

She talks with Sam about her upcoming marriage to lucky J.P. Arencibia of the Major League Baseball Team, the Texas Rangers.

“I only know how to do one thing and that’s play a show and playing a show," she told Sam. "So I have my mom [who] is really great at this sort of thing. We’ve got a little bit of help."

This wedding will have to occur around mid-July because that is when the MLB takes its All-Star game break. Non All-Star players like J. P. will be free for nearly a week. But, will she sing at her wedding?

I am not performing," Kimberly assures

Are her brothers Neil and Reid excited for her? "They’re just tired of, like, talking about details at this point. Well, you’re listening to details, you’re not as much talking about ‘em."

How about some gorgeous head shots of the bride?

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