We had a blast hanging out with Jo Dee Messina backstage at The Big O Music Fest.  And, after Jo Dee got over her initial "Kizzy" shock, the two became fast friends.  In fact, Kizzy told Jo Dee that she 's a big fan of her song "Lesson in Leavin" and the two belted out an impromptu duet.  Luckily, our cameras were rolling!  WATCH!

Now, the first attempt doesn't go too terribly well.  We think Jo Dee was still a little confused by Kizzy and likely thought she was clinically insane.  This is funny!

But, then they our two dueling divas got serious!  And, together, they belted out a chorus of Jo Dee's big number one smash, "Lesson in Leavin!" 

How fun was that?  Kizzy and Jo Dee Messina . . . the new Judds??