A couple of weeks ago at the the Kroger I go to which isn't far from work, I noticed they now have yellow plastic bags in addition to the standard brown ones. By the year 2025, Kroger will have zero plastic bags in their stores. 

The company announced this week they will transition from single-use plastic bags to reusable ones which they say will eliminate 123 million pounds of garbage annually sent to landfills. Wow!

Currently, the supermarket chain sells reusable bags for a dollar and they will increase the number of those bags sold in stores until the plastic bag ban goes into effect. Shoppers always have the option to ask for paper bags at Kroger.

Ultimately, the checkout bags are the ones being phased out. Bags for produce and meat will either be cut back or also completely phased out.

Kroger's Quality Food Centers division in the Pacific Northwest will be the first to phase out plastic bags beginning next year.

The chain uses 6 billion bags annually but only 5 percent get recycled. I always reuse mine for trash bags.

In other words, the new yellow bags may slowly become collector's items.

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