If all childhoods were like mine, then everyone would think THEY grew up in the nation's most haunted neighborhood. Oh my goodness, the scary stories we'd tell each other. I mean, we'd just make stuff up about what we saw behind that house or that garage or over by that ditch.

And, of course, that's how folklore begins, and I have always been here for it. But there IS a neighbor that does lay claim to being "America's most haunted neighborhood," and it's right here in Kentucky. You might say, it could be in your own backyard. (We had a lot of spooky tales about backyards, too.)

'America's Most Haunted Neighborhood' Is in Kentucky

That neighborhood is Old Louisville, and I have no reason to doubt that claim. I've been there. It's gorgeous. Yes, it is old. VERY old. And it's loaded with the kind of beautiful old homes you just don't see built anymore. I'm always pleased when areas like that are maintained.

In fact, David Dominé wrote a book about it called True Ghost Stories and Eerie Legends from America's Most Haunted Neighborhood. The Amazon blurb writer neatly sums up Dominé's eerie tome:

Over the last decade, so many stories of paranormal activity have surfaced that Old Louisville has gained the reputation as being one of the spookiest locations in the country. David Dominé discovered this for himself after purchasing an old home on Old Louisville’s famed Millionaires Row in 1999.

Dominé even hosts the popular Victorian Ghost Walk through Old Louisville, and it appears as if the actors are ready to give guests a spooky good time.

A Creepy Victorian Ghost Walk Through Old Louisville

Here's Dominé himself speaking about this amazing old neighborhood:

But don't make it a one-stop during your visit to Louisville this Spooky Season. Visit one of the city's many top-rated haunted houses or the Jack-o'-Lantern Spectacular. Or do it all. There are too many things that go bump in the night in Kentucky's largest city to make it a short road trip.

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