The Johnson family moved to their Lewisport, Kentucky farm just over two years ago. They are literally like Old MacDonald with all their animals and they love sharing them with others so much so that they host a really fun event for family and friends that coincides with another major event around the world.

The Johnson's moved to our their Lewisport farm a little over 2 years ago.  Their daughter, Madison had been previously involved with 4-H and brought animals of her own to add to the farm: a horse and a few Lion-head rabbits.  Not long after getting acquainted with the farm they decided to start adding even more farm animals.  

Many of their family members and friends and even neighbors would drop by for a visit just to play with the animals.  They basically had their very own petting zoo.  So, last year the family decided to do "Super Goat Sunday" for wives and kids to have something fun to do when they guys were watching the Super Bowl.  So while the football players are kicking the football these goats are getting their kids hanging with new friends.

During the Super Goat Sunday, they have several baby goats (which can also be purchased) so they like for them to get lots of interaction so they are friendly and they bring the bunnies and a miniature horse.  The family prepares extra activities and snacks for those who come to visit for an extra experience. 

This year the event will only be for their close friends and family members but they are hoping as COVID clears up they can begin to plan events and activities to welcome the public to their farm.  Once all the schools open back up you can even schedule a visit from the farm to your classroom if you are a teacher.

To keep up with the Johnson family farm you can follow their Lakewood Homestead Facebook Blog Page.


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