In terms of this story falling right into my lap, the timing couldn't have been better. Just last night, I was watching the old presidential comedy, Dave, in which the impostor Commander-in-Chief dedicated his "administration" to finding jobs for everyone who wanted one.

In a big speech toward the end, Dave, the head of a temp agency impersonating fictional president Bill Mitchell, talks about the feeling someone gets when they finally get a job after striving so hard to land one.

That's the result the U.S. Department of Labor's Job Corps is ALWAYS striving for, and now the Biden Administration has created many high-quality jobs for which free training will be offered by the Job Corps.

Seven Job Corps campuses are located in Kentucky--Carl D. Perkins in Prestonsburg; Earle C. Clements in Morganfield; the Frenchburg Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center; Great Onyx in Mammoth Cave; Muhlenberg in Greenville; Pine Knot and Whitney M. Young Jr, both in Simpsonville.

All tolled, these seven campuses offer 27 pre-apprenticeship training programs. They are all within the automotive and machine repair, construction, and renewable resources & energy industry sectors. Also available are skills training in transportation; information technology; hospitality; advanced manufacturing; finance and business; health care, and Homeland Security.

Job Corps collaborates with employers to provide students with up-to-date practical training, ensuring they acquire the necessary skills, assistance, and industry connections to advance into Registered Apprenticeship programs or secure stable careers upon completion.

Job Corps is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2024, and now you or someone you know may have cause to celebrate as you--or someone you know--take the first step toward an enriching career.

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