I don't think Hardin County is too far a drive for a well-paying job, do you?

When I think about how far SOME people commute, that's nothing. Folks in the northeast or on the east coast routinely work in, say, Washington or Philadelphia and take commuter trains to New York City or commuter planes to Boston. And it ALWAYS blows my mind when I hear about people who actually live in the United States and commute to the United Kingdom for work. That's insane. But they know what they're doing.

So, yeah, for the right paycheck, Elizabethtown is a hop, a skip, and a jump. And, soon, 5,000 jobs will be landing in Hardin County thanks to the arrival of a Ford battery plant.

Dubbed the largest economic development project in Kentucky's history--a $5.8 billion investment--the Ford Motor Corporation will use land once earmarked for Hyundai to construct two plants that will manufacture batteries for an ever-growing fleet of electric vehicles.

The plants will be built in Glendale, Kentucky, just south of Elizabethtown, and will employ some 5,000 workers. A similar project in Tennessee will provide 6,000 new jobs.

According to Kentucky.com, this investment is more than three times larger than the previous largest manufacturing investment. Here's Tuesday's announcement about the project:

The Hardin County property--more than 1500 acres--is right off Interstate 65 and will be called BlueOvalSK Battery Park to reflect Ford's partnership with SK Innovations, a subsidiary of the South Korea-based SK Group.

One plant is expected to open in 2025 with the other to follow in 2026. Beshear says all of the 5,000 jobs will be at the plant and will be full-time.

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[SOURCE: WLWT-Cincinnati]

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