For some reason, I have been on a puppy kick lately. Of course, I've always loved puppies, but in the last few weeks, I've been wanting to adopt one. Now, we all know this isn't a good idea. We already have Clyde, and as much as I love her, she's too big for me to bring another dog into our normal size home. Carsyn, as any 5 year old child does, has also been wanting a puppy.

So, I had the perfect idea... Why not foster a puppy?!? And, that's just what we did! I got a hold of our friend John from SparKy, and last night, brought Lacey to our home. She's adorable! Take a look!

Lacey is 15 weeks old and an Australian Shepard/Beagle mix. She is so sweet and gets along with Clyde. (Clyde isn't so sure about her yet, ha!) She's also great with Carsyn, who likes to tote her around the house.
If you've been thinking about getting a puppy, Lacey is your gal! She would be a great addition to any home. Lacey is neutered and her vaccanations are up to date. For more information on how to adopt Lacey, check out the SparKy Facebook Page, on their website or by calling 270-684-4787.
Let's find Lacey a forever home!

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